“How Do I?” – Real Time Wireless Scoring

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*Note:There is a video with these instructions listed in the Training Video section.

There are two parts to our Real Time Wireless Scoring:

1.What you need to do to enable it within the software
2. What the players need to do to use it on their phones
Click Here to download Real Time Wireless Instructions that you can print on
the back of your cart signs or place on the steering wheels of your carts for the players

1. Enabling Real Time Scoring

You can either check the option “Enable Real-Time Scoring for this Event”

  1. During the tournament setup wizard or,
  2. For an open tournament you can click on the Real-Time Scoring Setup icon.

If you chose Option #1 then as soon as the tournament gets created the
Real Time Scoring Monitoring tab will be open at the top of the Tee Sheet.

If you chose Option #2 you will have to click the Generate button to create the URL.
A message will appear that you must start real time scoring before the URL is valid.
Click ok, then yes.
Real Time Scoring Monitoring tab will now be open at the top of the Tee Sheet.

*Click on the arrow or text in the top left corner of the tab to expand or collapse the tab.

Security Type

This is the most commonly used setting, it means that anyone that enters the url into their phones will be
able to login and see the leader board, enter their scores, chat etc.

Tournament PIN
If you would like to keep the tournament private, you can choose to add a pin which the
players will be required to enter before being allowed access.

Setting the Real Time/Leaderboard Publishing Options

Here you can choose whether or not you would like the tournament published in the clubs public listing or not. If it is a corporate or
outside tournament that you don’t want everyone to be able to see then uncheck this option.

You can also choose whether you would like the Club Logo shown at the top of the
Real Time Screens or if you would like to use a Tournament specific logo.
If you choose tournament logo you will need to ensure you have added one into the
Images Setup section for it to appear in the Choose Tournament Logo drop-down.

Choose Scoring Options
Here you can choose which types of scores you would like the players to see on the
real time leader-boards and what will appear on the online published leader-board.
Simply put a check mark in the boxes beside the ones you would like.

You can also choose the Tie Break method along, with turning on or off:
The Leaderboard, Score Entry, Chat Messaging, and Tournament Date.

Presentation Export Options
This allows you to show the Real Time Leaderboards on the Presentation Software during
the round. You can choose which type of scores you would like displayed and
what type of Tie Break you would like used.

Starting Real Time Scoring

1. Open the drop down menu (Click to expand/collapse)
2. Make sure your options have been set and click the Start button.
3. This will put you in Real Time Scoring Mode and once players start entering scores
or messages you will start to see some action on this screen.
  *You must leave Real Time Scoring Monitoring-ON for the scores to be accepted
into the software and for the leader-boards to update.
4. On the left hand side is where the chat messages will show up, you as the admin can
delete them by clicking the X or send a message by typing it in the bottom bar and clicking send.
5. The right is a summary of the scores that have been published.
6. To stop Real Time scoring mode click the Stop button in the top left corner then the
(Click to expand/collapse)  to get back to the Tee Sheet

Tournament URL (Website)

1. Each tournament gets assigned a unique URL (website)
1. Players will need to enter the shortened URL into their phones to be able to access real time scoring.
2. You can find the URL either by clicking the Real Time Scoring Setup icon or once you start Real Time Scoring mode it
    is listed in the bottom right corner, you want the mobile URL.
3. Click copy, which will add it to your clipboard, you can then paste it into an email or onto a rules sheet etc.
4. You can email the players the URL if you would like. It also gets printed onto the bottom of the scorecards below the date.

Online Leaderboard

1. The tournaments leaderboard also gets posted online.
This way even people not playing in the event can view it if you want.
2. You can find the URL for the online leaderboard right below the mobile URL
on the Real Time scoring mode page.
3. You have the option to copy this URL to email if you choose to.

2. Using Real Time Scoring on Your Mobile Device

1. First thing you need to do is enter in the URL for the tournament.
2. This will bring you to the tournaments website and will ask you to Find Your Name
3. Enter your Name in the the search bar, it will appear in the list below.
Select it and Click Go.
4. It will open on the Leaderboard screen which will start populating as the players start entering scores.
5. If there are multiple Leaderboards you can click the drop down arrow and choose the one you would like.
6. To enter a score click on Score Entry, the first time in it will ask you who you would like to
keep score for. If you would like to keep score for everyone in the group leave everyone checked and click save.
If the other cart would like to keep their own scores for example,
uncheck those players and click save.
7. It will default each hole at par, use the +/- buttons to adjust the score.
8. To get to the next hole click on the arrow button.
9. Click on the Messages tab to chat with the other players or to see if
the Admin has sent a message.
10. To see how you/your team is doing click on the Leaderboard tab.

If the players are having trouble getting the site to load, please have them check their
settings to ensure their cookies are turned on and their
browser isn’t set to Private browsing mode.