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Creating a New League
League Index
Setting Your Week 1 Index

Creating a New league

1. Go to File>New and choose Create a new league or Create a new league from a spreadsheet*
*If you want to upload your league players via spreadsheet you can find an individual and team upload on our website in the Player Templates-League section.
2. Give the league a name click Next. Choose whether the league will have teams or not and if so how many players per team.
3. Click Finish.

Defining Scoring Types

When your league opens for the first time it will have a message saying “There are no Scoring Types defined for this League. Click here for setup.
1.Click on the word here. and a window will open.
2. The first half of the window will list the details about your league (name, whether or not it has teams, and the team size)
3. Under Scoring Types click Add, name the scoring type eg. Teams or Ind Points etc.
4. Choose the # of Rounds to Count. *If you want all of the rounds to count leave blank.
5. Choose whether you are using a Points System or Cumulative Score
6. If using Points it’s probably a good idea to add at least 1 decimal place to help break ties and to award half points.
7. If using Cumulative Score you can choose a score to give players that miss a round.
8. Click ok then yes

You can add more than one scoring type if you would like to track team and individual results for example.
If you need back into this screen you can go to League in the top row and click Setup.

Creating Teams

If you have set up a team league you can add your team names by clicking New Team within the Teams tab.
Enter team names into the dark green boxes.

Adding Players to Teams

1. You can either click on a box within the team and manually enter the player names and handicap information or,
2. Drag them in from your club players by going to View>Club Players.
3. You can use your the Quick Filter in the top right hand corner as a quick way to find them.
4. Club Players indexes automatically come with them.

Linking a Tournament to your League

When you create a tournament that is part of your league make sure you link it to that league. To do that:
1. Click File>New>Create a new tournament , give the tournament a name and then
click the drop down arrow for Link this tournament to a league and select the league.
2. This will ensure all of the players and their handicap information within the league will be synced up.
3. Complete the rest of the setup wizard.
4. You must make sure you bring your league players onto the tee sheet by clicking on the League Player icon.
5. This will ensure all of the scores/points for those players get tracked in your league.

*Keep in mind if you need to add a player to the tee sheet that didn’t come from the League Players icon you need to
make sure you add them to your league first or else their scores won’t sync. Unless they are just playing
as a guest and their scores won’t count towards the year long league, then you can just add them to to the tee sheet.

Loading Scores into your League

Once you have scored your tournament you will need to load the scores into your league, to do this:
1. Within the Tournaments tab find the tournament you just scored and click Load Scores you then have the
option of bringing in gross or net scores.
2. If you have multiple Scoring Types you will have to load scores for each one.
3. If you have a Points Scoring Type setup you will have a Setting button where you can
change the # of scores to count for the team, if their are participation points, and whether
the points are assigned based on the number of scored players or if you would like to manually assign points based on rank.

Printing League Reports

To print your league reports click on the Printer Icon.
From here you can choose:
Tournament Summary – displays the results the selected scoring type and tournament
League Totals – the overall league results up to the selected tournament for each scoring type
League Summary Report – a summary of all weeks
League Index Report – a summary of each players current league index along with the rounds used to calculate it.
*for a simple version without the details, unclick the boxes and you will only see player name and current index.
League Participation Report – a summary of who showed up each week and how many weeks they have played total

Exporting League Results

1. To export the league results to the Presentation, click on the Export icon beside the tournament name within your league.
2. Choose the Scoring Types you would like sent over and where you would like to export it.
3. You have the option of sending either the Tournament Totals, the League Totals or both
4. In your Presentation Software click on League Scores from the Options menu.

Publishing League Results

1. To publish your League Results online, click on the Publishing icon.
2. You have the option of Including in your clubs public listing, or if you just want them sent to your league members privately uncheck the box.
3. Select whether you would like to use your club logo or a separate League Logo, which you will see in the drop down once you add it to Images Setup
4. Click ok, It will now bring up a box saying League has been published here .
5. You can click on the word here to be taken to the webpage or click the Copy Link button to add it to your clipboard which you can then paste into an email out to members.
6. Once you click the url you will notice you can change the scoring type by clicking on the drop down arrow.

League Index

Setting Your Week 1 Index